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SLOW Cycling

It`s about the leisurely ride, it`s about looking up and around, enjoying the landscape.

Slow Cycling is a new trend. It’s about the leisurely ride, it’s about looking up and around you when you cycle and enjoying the landscape. It’s about cycling with family and friends and have picnics, sightseeing stops and vine cellar visits, delicious lunch breaks and chats. It is, essentially, what most vast majority of cyclists do most of the time. Most of our tours include the van support service and often we use it to do a part of the road by van, in order to see and visit more attractions. Slow Cycling is perfect for kids and families. And finally: it’s still exercise and active holidays, very healthy and green and »veeeeeery IN«.
For more information regarding Slow cycling holidays, please get in touch with us: We are always happy to answer any of your questions. 


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Cycling Holidays by Exploremore
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